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With more than 150 indoor plants, Joanne was committed to turning her house into a healthy, happy jungle (we know you get it!)  Trouble was, she found it so difficult to find quality products at reasonable prices without spending hours traipsing around Perth (who has that kind of time, seriously?!) and spending increasingly insane amounts of money (don’t tell hubby!) to feed, nurture, decorate and display her plant babies.

So, driven by her complete indoor plant obsession and big dreams to support and grow (hehe) Perth’s fellow plant-loving community, Joanne founded Oly & Jo in 2020.

Today, this “one stop shop” is supported by a passionate, knowledgeable team committed to sourcing quality, unique, affordable indoor plant accessories and home décor.

“We strive to be the creative minds that bring a smile to your face – that’s why we are always looking for innovative ways to bring our customers the best quality products available.


We look forward to welcoming you to Oly &Jo and helping you find exactly what you’re looking for.” - Joanne

JOanne, founder of Oly & Jo

Our founder, Joanne